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British Female Voice Over and Award-Winning Creative Writer

Sarah Hart


A bright, cheerful voice with plenty of energy and just the right amount of sparkle!



Hi I’m Sarah, a voice over, copywriter and blogger based in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

Need a bright, enthusiastic voice to shout about your products and services?

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My voice over sessions with Sarah are a joy to carry out – due to her ability to collaborate with ease. Sarah can deliver a variety of vocal performances, from chilled out, laidback reads to upbeat and lively, energetic reads. This alongside the clear, bright and bubbly tone of her voice makes for some really special adverts.

Tom Hammond

Sarah's creative copywriting captures the listener's imagination and paints such a vivid picture. Her attention to detail results in optimal decision-making in production. This, coupled with her lovely personality and utmost professionalism, makes it a pleasure to work alongside her.

Tom Hammond

Sarah is an amazing all-round creative and she always brings energy, life and enthusiasm to every project. She is totally dedicated to honing her craft and stops at nothing to give her best to every piece of work she’s involved in. As a voiceover she is versatile and easy to direct. As a writer she is creative and considered. A true professional, a total perfectionist and a wonderful person.

Rick Loynes

I approached Sarah for a walk-on introduction for a festival appearance. I sent her a couple references and she nailed the brief and the vibe. She was so spot on the mark of what I wanted - her voice sounded sick! It was perfect and she's got such a talent for voicing. It was a pleasure working with her.

Harry Radford

Sarah's a great voiceover and a really lovely person to work with. Her tenacity made her a fantastic student. She took direction well, worked hard to learn all the techniques and skills and through determination and commitment, she has become a brilliant VO.

Tanya Rich

Sarah was amazing to work with. She listened to my brief and the copy she provided was perfect - I didn’t change a thing! I have and will always continue to work with and recommend Sarah. If you are looking to get your message across look no further!

Claire Smith